Social Notifier: Now with extra Google Voice and Gmail following

I decided this week that I wanted to add a few request types to the Social Notifier application I’ve been writing in Ruby for the past month or so. If you’ve been following along, it has previously supported following a twitter home feed, twitter list, or twitter search term.

This week, I decided to add functionality to check for new emails in my Gmail account and new text messages in my Google Voice account. Continue reading “Social Notifier: Now with extra Google Voice and Gmail following”

Twitter Notifier application for Linux in Ruby: Overhauled

Last month, I spent a weekend writing a short application to retrieve updates from Twitter and display notifications using libnotify in Ubuntu. Although it “worked” after that weekend, I’ve put a great deal of effort during my free time over the last month toward completely rewriting it to be much more of an application, instead of just a functional script.

Over the last month, I’ve made drastic changes and improvements to the functionality, the code structure, and have made numerous bug fixes. I might has well have ripped out its guts and started over, but it has been absolutely worth it. (code at the end of the post) Continue reading “Twitter Notifier application for Linux in Ruby: Overhauled”