How the desktop notification saved the day (sort of)

I was sitting at work this afternoon, getting things done, when I noticed a notification pop up from the notification daemon I’ve been working on. It was for Google Voice (one of the types of notification requests I have written in so far), and read “MISSED: Front Door at Home (62 seconds ago)“. I immediately knew two things:

1. I JUST missed a call
2. That call was from the call box at my apartment, which meant I had just missed a delivery

Because of that notification, I knew exactly what I had to do… I jumped up, ran home as quickly as I could (I live only a couple of minutes away), and caught the UPS driver on his way out of my apartment complex. (I had actually first stopped the Post Office driver, but she said it was probably the UPS driver. Luckily, I found him right after that). I retrieved my package (not having to wait another day, redirect the delivery, or pick it up at the UPS facility 20 miles away) and was back at my desk 15 minutes after the notification had popped up.

I knew I was writing this thing for a reason.

(Note: I also added the ability to follow SVN and GitHub commits this weekend.)

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